Flex is product for ERP Package.We provide software ERP package and allow you customize complex for your business.

ITPC’s many years of experience in developing tailor-made systems and its ability to see the positives and negatives of developing tailor-made systems, the company has gathered the standard features of tailor-made systems in order to reduce development time at the same time as delivering a program that completely matches the needs of the user. ITPC has, thus, developed rapid tailor-made programs to meet this need. There are currently two systems that have been developed – for inventory and warehouse management.

There is good advantages of our FLEX for your business.

Sample Screen Flex.

CEO Dashboard.

CEO Dashboard was web/Mobile application for report business state to CEO or executive manager. With CEO Dashboard application will be displayed state of company, CEO can track business status in company , saw trend, total sale amount, customer satisfaction , profit & margin and check financial statement.

Sample Screen Web CEO Dashboard.

Flex Why?